Collecting Pens on the Small Side

By small I don’t mean size, although small pens are a personal preference. I mean keeping my pen collection to a number that works for me. Although admirable as the “100 thing” movement is, having only 100 things is not my particular aspiration. Keeping things simple in life, however, is a constant work in progress.

My interest in fountain pens has occurred within the last two years. Collecting pens grows on itself, and early on I realized a pen collection could easily grow to enormous proportions.

I’ve arbitrarily drawn the line at 20 pens. By some standards that a lot of pens. By others, well, it’s hardly a collection. I want a collection of pens that has some personal meaning, enjoyment and appreciation. Twenty pens. Maybe less. Definitely no more.

It’s easy to be distracted by pens and accumulate then at random. What a self-imposed limitation has done has ensured I only acquire pens I truly want instead of pens I kinda-sorta-want-but-not-really.