Removing Pelikan Nibs

Besides being a piston filling pen, the fact that Pelikan nibs screw out was another feature that initially drew me to Pelikan pens. That the nibs screw out means, of course, the nibs can be easily swapped.

Along with my first Pelikan, a blue marble 200 since re-homed, I also purchased a couple of nibs of varying width and style. I found that I didn’t use these nibs all that much, finding that once I like a nib I tend to stick with it. I know many other Pelikan users that actively make use of the ability to easily remove and change nibs.

I used to remove the nibs for a more thorough flushing of the pen. Nowadays I reserve nib removal for the modern Pelikan. If the pen was not a demonstrator I probably wouldn’t fuss with the occasional removal. Sometimes the ink does get on my nerves. Don’t get a see-through pen if you lean towards compulsive neatness.

Narrowly a Nibastrophe

Nib, collar, feed, and barrel. Vintage Pelikan 400.

Despite using great care removing a nib from one of the vintage Pels, one day I seriously misaligned the nib on its feed. That’s technical lingo for saying that the nib moved so far off the feed as to be completely unusable and panic ensued.

My Pelikan guru was out of the country at the time. Using dumb luck I managed to remove the nib, refit it to the section and align it properly. It helped to have a guide in the form of the Pen Repair Book by Jim Marshall and Laurence Oldfield.

That particular Pelikan is on my desk today and writes perfectly.

Please be aware that some vintage Pelikans have nibs that are friction fit and do not unscrew. When in doubt pop by FPN’s Pelikan forum and ask a polite question.

Read Richard Binder’s instructions for how to swap a Pelikan nib.

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