Updates to Vintage Conklin Crescents Reading List

Thank you to Alfonso Mur (a longtime Conklin collector and also of the Madrid Pen Show) for going out of his way and taking the time to share some additional articles about the Conklin Pen Company. Also thanks to Jeff on FPN for going out of his way to share two of these articles with me. I appreciate both of these men very much!

These articles have been integrated into the original post, Reading List – Vintage Conklin Crescents. They are presented here as a short cut for discovering what is new in that reading list.

  • Fultz, Michael L. and Johnson, Richard, “Conklin’s Early days,” Pen World, Vol. 15 No. 3, Nov/Dec 2001/Jan 2002, pages 34-38. (Mr. Mur advises this article is strongly recommended reading!)
  • Fultz, Michael L., “A Short History of Hump, Bump and Lump,” Pen World, Vol. 15 No. 5, Apr/May 2002, pages 30-32. Covers early pens “having an external protrusion attached to a pressure bar and a locking mechanism.”
  • Lawrence, Cliff, “The Conklin Story I and II,” Pen Trading Post, Dec. 1997 No. 225.
  • Picon, Marie A., “Frankly Speaking,” Pen World, Vol. 11 No. 2, 1998.

Online articles: