A Look Back: Levenger Rolling Gel Pen

Rearranging my office closet the other day I found a pen that’s been missing for at least five years. Bought from Levenger more than ten years ago, the “rolling gel” was my first attempt to find an alternative to disposable pens. I remember buying it from the printed catalog, and that Levenger advertised these pens as ergonomic and designed especially for them. The pens came in different colors and you could see through the barrel to the ink. I bought two of them — one in green (which is still here somewhere in lost mode) and one in “clear” (for lack of the official color name).

Levenger Rolling Gel Pen

The closet also had a working refill for the pen. The pen cleaned up nicely even though there’s still a line of green ink on the inside of the cap. Back in the day I liked green ink. The surviving gel ink refill is in blue. I call the pen a “Rolling Gel” because when I typed in the refill’s item code at the Levenger website, I received the following message

We’re sorry, the “4 Levenger Rolling Gel Refills” is no longer available.

Some alternate order suggestions were of course made. I’m hoping rollerball refills will fit the pen so that I can give it to another member of my household who is still afraid of fountain pens, but will be pleased to have a refillable pen of some kind. Rest assured there is no reason to throw this pen away. It still has a life of writing to do for someone even if that is no longer me.

The Levenger Rolling Gel was my favorite pen for quite a long time. When I misplaced first one and then the second pen, I discovered Levenger no longer carried it. I replaced the Rolling Gel with a Waterman Harmonie Rollerball that I never bonded to. The Harmonie weighs 22g without an ink to write with. The Levenger pen weighs 18g with an ink refill and only 12g unposted. The unposted Levenger weighs the same as an unposted, inked original Visconti Ragtime! No wonder I find the Ragtime a perfect weight for my hand.

Clip Close-Up

While giving a casual impression, the pen has a distinctive clip. The pen has no imprint except for a small “Italy” at the top of the clip. Anyone know which Italian company made this pen for Levenger?

All inked up and ready to write again.

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