Tale of a Vandal Pen User: A Highlighter Pen, Revisited

The very first post of Peaceable Writer was about my desire to keep my highlighter out of the landfill by using highlighter ink in refillable pens. Using a Noodler’s highlighting ink in an eyedropper-style Platinum Preppy pen the worst the future could hold would be to replace the tip of the pen from time to time.

Clogged Preppy Highlighting Pen

The pen served me well through several projects and then sat dormant for five months… in my pen cup on my desk where I saw it every day without thinking…

Recently I reached for the highlighter only to find the ink had solidified.  I had forgotten to empty the pen before leaving it in disuse for so long. I feared my intentions had backfired and my pen would end up in the landfill after all.

Opening the pen up and giving the ink a poke I found the ink was not hard. Merely, uh, congealed.  (I’m very glad I did not neglect a fountain pen like this!) First rinsing the nib section with water, I left it to soak in Rapido-Eze. I poured some water in the pen barrel and left that to soak, as well, overnight.

All clean again. Yellow section is actual color of the section.

The barrel easily released soft chunks of the ink and came clean. I used my pen bulb to rinse the nib section of Rapido-Eze and saw no further traces of gooey ink. The tip did not seem to need replacing which was good because there was no handy replacement standing by. (Note to self: order some tips. You can find ’em for $1.50.)

Re-inked with Noodler's Year of the Golden Pig

Putting a small amount of ink into the barrel, I let the nib soak up some ink for a few minutes before testing the pen.

Luckily enough, the pen is back to highlighting use! Someone looks out for nuns, children and vandal pen users.

Highlighting once more

Moral of the story: While obsessing about the maintenance of your fountain pens, don’t forget to clean and put away your refillable highlighter if not using it for a long time.

A Short Platinum Preppy Highlighter Reading List

My eyedropper Preppy came with the bottle of Noodler’s Year of the Pig I purchased. These modified Preppy pens are offered for sale online by several vendors. You can can try your own hand at transforming a pen into an eyedropper. It’s not really all that hard.

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  1. Great and very informative post. Thanks for the mention of my post, but that reminds me, must go and flush my fountain pens out…


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