Reader Appreciation: Diamine Ink Giveaway

UPDATE:  A winner has been randomly selected and the ink will soon be on its way to Canada!

Thanks to everyone who comes by and reads… and esp. those of you who take the time to comment as you did in this post. I always wish I could send each of you something! xoxox


Who would like a 30ml bottle of Diamine Rustic Brown? Leave a comment below if you would. Everyone (except for Erin and Sara who were quietly chosen yesterday for some ink) from anywhere is eligible as long as I don’t have to mortgage my house to ship the ink to ya.

In my world, gratitude is not an event, a holiday or an advertising strategy. Gratitude is a way of life. It gets cultivated in many ways throughout the day.

In the past I have abused my life in unthinkable ways. I know things I shouldn’t know. Like what it’s like when the dumpster provides your best meal of the day. Those days are far behind me and my imperfect life is rich and full and comfortable.

In many ways, Peaceable Writer is about “things.” In my life what brings the greatest joy and satisfaction are the intangibles. Like my lover’s laugh, my goofy old dog’s joyous manner, the chipmunk in the backyard outsmarting the squirrel, the chickadee outside my window. For starters.

Here on the blog, I don’t obsess about numbers and statistics unless it concerns pens and ink. My hope is always that people who resonate with my words will find Peaceable Writer an interesting, thoughtful visit.

While I don’t obsess about the numbers of you I appreciate all of you who choose to come here. Through the fountain pen community, I’ve learned a bit about pens and ink, met some fascinating people, found some amazing artists among you, made some good-hearted acquaintances and even a fine friend or two.

Pens are great fun.

Life is good.

Thank you, dear readers!


12 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation: Diamine Ink Giveaway

  1. So glad you understand that your past, no matter how imperfect, has made you who you are today and I am grateful you are who you are…

    I am glad you have an abundance to be thankful for, as do I (and no need for the ink… you know I love dark blue ink anyway).


  2. What a magnificent, whimsical basis for a give-away. Is there such a thing as a Dickesian approach to Thanksgiving as there is to Christmas? There ought to be.

    I know I’d be thankful for another bottle of something from Diamine, even if our arctic Thanksgiving is a month past already 😉


  3. Neat! Thanks for sharing. You’re right: pens are fun, life is good, and I’d add that your blog is fun to read on a rainy Friday.


  4. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway! I have much to be thankful for, and I try to remember that on a daily basis. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!


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