Levenger True Writer – A Year Later

2015 March Note: This beautiful fountain pen suffered a horrible break in the section during Fall of 2014. It happened as I was about to fill the pen with ink, and while inserting the converter into the section. The cracking sound was loud, sad, and pen-breaking. This pen was a birthday gift, and in my collection for five years. 

Inspired by Dandelion’s revisiting her fountain pen reviews, I’m revisiting my impressions of my Levenger True Writer Golden Tortoise. Received as a birthday gift over a year ago, I was very impressed with the performance of this pen.

The only complaint I have about this pen:  the cap fit is too tight on the barrel. This tight fit requires paying attention so that too much pressure is not put on the cap clip while unscrewing the cap from the barrel.  What I end up doing is holding the cap in my left hand and rotating the barrel in my right. I am concerned about how well the pen will hold up over the years—if ultimately the acrylic will crack from the strain or the clip will become loose. However, this cap tightness is the only complaint I have about my True Writer.  The writing experience with the TW nib is smooth and consistent.

Some day I’m going to acquire one of the Levenger steel stub nibs to see how well it performs in this pen. On FPN the stub nib is as controversial as the True Writer’s past production inconsistencies have been.

If you have any tips on the cap to barrel tightness, please leave ’em in the comments. Soaping the threads did nothing for it.

The length of the Golden Tortoise is 5 1/2″ (4 7/8″ unposted, 6 1/8″ posted). The pen’s weight is 13gr unposted and 24gr posted or capped.

Levenger True Writer inked with Noodler’s Legal Lapis