Writing Down the Ink #4

Writing Down the Ink #3

Update:  3/27/2011 This ink leaves a kind of thin film on the nib. (This is not “nib creep.” ) It is also kind of hard to flush. Anyone else?

During my ongoing attempt to write down ink bottles, I’ve discovered how so many bottles got acquired. I’m still looking for the inks that sing to me on a steady basis. More bottles get purchased hoping the new bottles will hold “the ink” to love.

Thus, it sometimes is very boring writing with an unloved ink, making it difficult to stay on task. And so, I’ve fallen off the ink-wagon so to speak with new purchases. It happened easily enough… a few gifts for friends here and there… maybe a sample or two for myself… and then flat out purchases of Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses, Noodler’s Zhivago and Noodler’s Legal Lapis. Suddenly I am back in Noodler’s land after eschewing the inks for the last two years or more. (More about that in an upcoming post.)

My quest is still on to write down the bottles. The bottles have gone from 33 to 18 bottles. I’ve written out 4 and given away 11 former friends, uh I mean, inks. (See aforementioned boredom…)

I’m up one more bottle to 19 because yesterday I received a lovely gift from a blog reader: Noodler’s Texas Live Oak. This is an interesting greyish green depending on the nib in your pen.

Noodler's Texas Live Oak Ink

Short Reading List on Noodler’s Texas Live Oak

Thank you, Erin!

Scans are always difficult for me with ink. Worse than my photography. *ahem* No color correction has been made. No calibration has been made either. The scan looks pretty “true” to moi. On your monitor or via your nib and paper who knows! Nibs and paper variances matter. Some people report TLO as slow drying. I have not found that to be true for moi.