Tale of a Vandal Whiteboard User: Apply a Little Grease

The modified Platinum Preppy that comes with Noodler’s Waterase is equipped with an o-ring to prevent leaking of ink at the section. Pens converted to fill as “eyedropper pens” need an o-ring and/or silicon grease applied to the section. Usually I do not add silicone grease when an o-ring is in place. You may want apply some grease to your Waterase pens.

Platinum Preppy filled with Noodler's Waterase post silicone grease application

This morning I found that my two Waterase pens were leaking at the section. I store my pens nib up in a cup. This morning I left them laying flat as I was “up and down” from my desk to the whiteboard making a ton of  notes.

Perhaps I had over-enthusiastically tightened the nib section to the barrel over-stressing the o-ring? With my non-Preppy eyedropper pens I don’t use an o-ring…only silicone grease. The Waterase modified Preppy comes with the o-ring which in theory should be enough to hold back the tide, er… ink. My highlighter eyedropper pen has never leaked with just an o-ring in place.

Anyhoo, I applied some silicone grease to the section thread and also left  o-ring in place. All is well again. No leaking. Left them laying flat, too.

Silicone grease is more readily available to fountain pen eyedropper enthusiasts than it was even a year ago. Goulet Pens, Pendemonium, Writer’s Bloc, Richards Pens among others carry it. If you are buying Waterase for the first time, it wouldn’t hurt to add $2-$3 to your order for some silicone grease!

The caution about silicone grease, for those of you unfamiliar with it:  use pure silicone grease with no additives. I found mine at Lowe’s in the plumber’s section. You can trust, however, that the fountain pen retailers listed above carry the real deal.

I will say that, uh, Waterase wiped clean off of every place it left a trail. Helps to have lots wood surfaces and no carpet! My fingers, however, need some serious InkNix-ing.

My original review Noodler’s Waterase Ink is here.


4 thoughts on “Tale of a Vandal Whiteboard User: Apply a Little Grease

  1. It’s important to note that silicone grease is NOT the same thing as silicone CAULK, like you use for sealing bathroom tubs and windows and stuff. If you use silicone caulk, you’ll only be able to fill your pen once…. 😛


    1. Jeez Louise, I suppose there is a caution for everything. This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone mention caulk in relation to grease, Brian! He’s right, folks, don’t use that stuff! In fact, don’t improvise when it comes to stuff like PURE silicon grease, pure talc, and shellac! Ultimately it’s a waste of a pen.

      At the moment my cracked Preppies are relegated to the sidelines. Thanks to the Goulets I have replacements. And in the 2 new additional boxes of Waterase I received, the Preppies are fine.

      Also I want to point out while superglue may be, uh, okay for a Preppy… and maybe some hot glue or even tape, please don’t use stuff like that on fountain pens in general. It’s not an acceptable repair practice and not fair to someone if you decide to sell the pen later. Here’s my post on a novice pen repair tool kit: https://peaceablewriter.wordpress.com/2010/05/22/toolkit-2/


    2. Brian,
      I want to share with you that, imagine my surprise, I happened to see that someone found this posting because he or she googled, “use silicone caulk in place of silicone grease.”

      Although, *sighing* I don’t know why I’m surprised. Too often people want to use what they have laying around the house rather than go through the “inconvenience” of obtaining the proper substance or too.

      So: thank you. I hope the person heeded the instructions herein.


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