Tale of a Vandal Whiteboard User: It Came Thru the Crack

As the day progressed and continuing to lay the pens on the shelf near my whiteboard…one of the pens began leaking again. It turns out there is a hairline crack in both pens! The silicone grease is keeping one pen from leaking but not the other.  Replacement Preppys are on their way. (Thank you, Rachel Goulet! It always pays to do business with good service oriented folks.)

Yet something else to be aware of. Jeez Louise.

Do not be deterred from Noodler’s Waterase or Platinum Preppy pens. I’m not.

Nobody not nuttin’ is poifect! Not moi. Not Preppys. Not no one!

Be a good customer and do business with good people. That’s my philosophy. Works for moi.

Updated to include:  Platinum Preppys will crack if you over-tighten!

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4 thoughts on “Tale of a Vandal Whiteboard User: It Came Thru the Crack

  1. “Perhaps I had over-enthusiastically tightened the nib section to the barrel over-stressing the o-ring?” Perhaps you over-tightened the pen and caused the hairline crack. Next time try gently tightening snugly and then stop.


    1. Yes, Sidney, thank you for saying so. It could very well be! I don’t know that I did over-tighten as ordinarily I’m quite gentle as these things go. Yet I can’t deny that it could very well have been just that. And so lesson learned: Preppys will crack and one must be gentle.


  2. I too cracked my fair share of preppies. The plastic is brittle – oh well. A quick fix I used was to put a single slice of packing tape over the afflicted area. So far so good.

    I also hear there’s a product called plastic weld which I have yet to try. I understand it can be found at hobby stores (plastic models etc) and it is used to ‘melt’ plastic together.


  3. I’ve done the packing tape trick myself, too. I have a Preppy I dropped on my concrete floor, which caused the cap to crack where it meets the pen body. Taped it up….it’s not pretty but it works. You can skillfully use superglue (cyanoacrylate), too.


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