Writing Down the Ink #6

Getting the ink hoard down to a size that I find pleasant… well, that has proved to be impossible! In January I bought a bottle of Sailor Chu-Shu. In March a bottle of Sailor Blue. In April a bottle of Sailor Sky High.

A recent sampling of  black inks proved Noodler’s Black as a bulletproof, smooth, well-behaved ink. Yet I’ve resisted that one for the moment. Too many blacks in my possession to write through. We’ll see if I can hold this intention: Noodler’s Black when my current black ink bottles are dry.

I’ve updated the index page to the “ink journey” posts to include a list of the inks found on the posted Webbie pages.

Inks in these pages: Iroshizuku: Fuyu-syogun, Yama-guri, Tsukushi. Waterman Havana Brown. Private Reserve Ebony Purple. Diamine Prussian Blue. J. Herbin Lie De The. Noodler’s: Legal Lapis, Black Swan in Australian Roses, Texas Live Oak.

In the Webbie, I wrote that Waterman Havana Brown was more yellow than Iroshizuku Tsukushi. Huh? Perhaps I meant more red.