Writing Down the Ink #7: Sailor Sky High

As ink goes, I think of myself as a black, grey or brown person. To be thinking so much about blue ink lately surprises moi. In the past there have been blues flirted with—J. Herbin Bleu Myosotis, Diamine Prussian Blue, Diamine Midnight Blue, Sailor Blue-Black, Diamine Florida and Mediterranean Blues… oh dear.

Last fall @MaryMG sent me a very generous sample of Iroshizuku Kon-peki. Distressingly expensive, Kon-peki is a striking color. Even the finickiest nib loved it. The Danitrio EEF flexy nib is very particular about ink. Okay, a nib or a pen does not have feelings or opinions, but you know what I mean. Unless you don’t—in which case, why are you at my blog reading?

Meanwhile Sailor revamped their ink line. While others have been salivating over Epinard as a possible Montblanc Racing Green substitute, I’ve been curiously drawn to Sailor Sky High which Nibs.com refers to as “Light Blue.” (FYI, Sailor Epinard is not an MBRG substitute.) Wondering if Sky High might be an inexpensive alternative to the Iroshizuku Kon-peki, I bought a sample. While Sky High is not by any means a clone of Kon-peki, in my nibs the two inks look pretty darn close to each other. Sky High has a bit of a different quality that I enjoy…kind of milky. The ink is silky, flowing with ease in all eight of my silly pens. The Danitrio EEF nib, uh, loves the Sky High. As do I. Uh huh.

My favorite paper for Sky High is Staples Bagasse. Doing a smear test, the ink appears slow to dry at over 10 seconds on most papers. However, in practice, writing at length, the ink is dry enough to flip Bagasse or Rhodia No 18 notepad pages without smearing. With the Rhodia Webbie or the Quo Vadis Habanna (white, please) I’ve taken to using blotters all the time. This blotter practice pre-dates using Sailor Sky High. Thus I can’t tell you if the ink smears in those journals. Just don’t spill your coffee. Sky High will be rendered unreadable.

A surprise: Sailor Sky High may just make the ivory paper nonsense tolerable.

A note: there is no scientific basis for liking or loving particular inks, pens, papers or any combination thereof.

More reading about Sailor Sky High on FPN:

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