Where nibmeisters differ

Had to share Karlo’s wisdom on this subject. The best way to have someone stub a pen is to do it in person… as we know it’s not always possible for many of us, myself included. As Karlo writes, don’t be afraid to ask questions and provide “vivid details on what you want.” Never assume anything, even when you’ve gotten glowing recommendations, ay? I’ve had work done by a variety of nibmeisters, and my favorite stubs have come from Deb Kinney and John Mottishaw.

And All Other Tasks





If you’ve been jonesin’ to get a regrind , then you’ve already checked out a few nibmeisters. Italic mods such as stubs, cursive and formal are often standard on their menu. Tip reduction down to needlepoints are not uncommon, and some even offer the addition of flex to an otherwise rigid nib. But while their service lists appear cloned, each craftsman differs in how they express the work requested.

This is a writing sample of three stubs wrought from Platinum/Nakaya nibs. They all began as identical factory Broads and it is the concerned nibmeister’s work that influenced the final feel and behavior of each nib.


Shinichi Yoshida is Nakaya’s resident nib wizard. He grinds conservatively, leaving a lot of iridium at the tip. Line variation is the least dramatic of the bunch, but it is there. There is a bit of feedback but nothing disturbing. More like…

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