About Nibs: Cheating a Little

Cheating, yes, because I’ve not enough time to complete my planned post. And so I’m stealing a little from someone else.

Recently I asked Leigh Reyes why anyone would choose an elastic nib if those nibs weren’t flexible. What was the, uh, point of such an elaborate modification to a nib? She patiently replied (forgive me as I’m paraphrasing), “because they are springy and fun to write with.” That was a perfect answer for someone like me, who doesn’t flex yet wants a little springy fun during my writing hours.

Leigh’s written a great post on her blog about elastic nibs, teaching us all what they are and are not. I loved reading Leigh’s post. She’s given me much to ponder, yet again.

She made a beautiful video, too, showing the differences between elastic, soft, semi-flex and flex nibs.  Leigh’s an artist extraordinaire on multiple canvases, ay? Here’s her video: