SchonDSGN Natural Ultem – Newton Scholarship

After much consideration, I’ve given the SchonDSGN pen to Shawn Newton for his scholarship fund. You can bid on the pen on eBay.

SchonDSGN uncapped

For friends who don’t know: Once upon a time, before he fell for pen making, Shawn was an art teacher. He continues to help high school kids through a 501(c)(3) college scholarship fund he’s created. He’s always giving back! Check out his eBay account where you can buy notebooks and postcards with original art on the covers/cards. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund.

Funds raised go to a great cause: helping high school students get to college!

You can find my post about the SchonDSGN here.

Check out Shawn’s NewtonPens site, while you’re at it! Shawn’s one of my all-time favorite pen makers.