A Writer’s Dozen

Core Writing Pens

☮ → Danitrio Cumlaude, Brown marble, ED, 14K #3776 Coarse & #3776 Newton stub (early 2000s)
☮ → Newton Banana Slug, Ebony and cream acrylic, ED, 14K  Kinney CI (2013)
☮ → Newton Shinobi, Copper acrylic, ED, 14K #3776 F nib & Nakaya SM (2014)
☮ → Hakumin Edison Mina, Shiro-tamenuri w/turtle maki-e, ED, 18K Masuyama stub (2012)
☮ → Edison Huron, Yellowstone acrylic, ED, 18K EF & 18K Kinney CI (2009)

Goes Everywhere/Notetaking Pen

☮  Pilot Decimo, Light blue aluminum, c/c, 18K Kinney CI & F & B (2015)
☮  Platinum Kanazawa-Haku The Moon and a Rabbit, Resin, c/c, 18K F (2012)
☮ Fisher Bullet Pen with silver neck chain, Chrome, ballpoint, (purchased 2006)

The above list reflects the pens I’ve collected to write with 90% of the time. (Except where indicated, dates reflect production year of pen.)

There are a few pens that were gifts or otherwise have a sentimental connection to a person. These pens get used, too, but mostly for letter writing, grocery lists, or this or that; not for long writing sessions.

It’s not the fountain pens themselves that are the heart of the writing experience. They are important vehicles for the nibs that matter most of all. Taking advantage of custom pens or pens that allow for interchangeable nibs, can even provide a writer with more nibs than fountain pens.


last updated 2017-Aug-22