Pen Pillows

A question asked and answer given: where did these two “pen pillows” come from?

Pilots left to right: Heritage 91, Heritage 91, Bamboo, 823, Vanishing Point
Pilots left to right: Heritage 91, Heritage 91, Bamboo, 823, Vanishing Point

The one on the left was handmade out of wood (redwood and maple), the pillow on the right was made by Danitrio.

Sadly the wooden pillow doesn’t hold the pens very well. Often they slip and slide off, no matter how the pen is sat on a slot. I’ve two of these, and while they look great, they remain kinda useless. So not to besmirch the other fine wooden pen rests out there, but I can’t recommend my own.

The Danitrio pillow works perfectly in keeping pens in place. I don’t believe the pillows are available for retail sale, but a check with a Danitrio dealer will tell you that better than I.

Hey, if you’ve got some J.Herbin ink, the glass bottle serves as a single pen rest, too. There’s a greater variety available for the more traditional pen stand.

There are several options for pen pillows or pen rests on the market. Three options are listed below. If you know of other good choices, please list ’em in the comments!

Between my finger and my thumb
The squat pen rests.
I’ll dig with it.


Thoughts about Pen Forums

My HuronUPDATE AUG 2013:   FPN backup and operational!

Over the years, I’ve linked to many, many posts on the Fountain Pen Network aka FPN. It was the place where people helped me acquire my first fountain pens since childhood. In recent days, FPN has been repeatedly hacked and attacked. Please use caution when visiting FPN, and clicking even on links to FPN from this blog.

Forums of all interests go through cycles of ups and downs, dramas and comedies, and they come and go. Having been on the internet since before it, uh, was the internet, during the earliest days of personal computing… well, nothing stays the same. Not IBM, not Morrow, not Apple. (Perhaps I should have written: not Parker, not Sheaffer, not Conklin.) Attention evolves or slips away.

There are other forums perhaps not—as yet?—offering as much online information as FPN. All of them host earnest users and collectors of fountain pens.

A sampling of forums are listed below. The country designations are meant only to alert you to the primary language of the individual forums. If you are from the USA do take the time to explore some of the international forums. There’s some great sharing going on around the world. Google Chrome (or, uh, google translate) will translate, however roughly and sometimes comically, most of the non-English forums for you.

Any links to forums, including FPN, are not endorsements by this blog. They are for your information, comprende? As always, use your own critical thinking cap to determine the best fit for you. If forums are your thing, ay?

You’re well aware, no doubt, there are a lot of good informative blogs around the internet, too. I’ve always listed only a few on my links page. My intention has been to alert you to places I regularly read and admire, not to be a one stop link reading/shopping site. A lot of sites promote disposables, and that’s just not my thing.

There are still Yahoo groups out there, and Facebook has become a new venue for some pen people. Hat tip to Wendy for reminding me about the Google + Fountain Pen Community.

Feel free to list your favorite places in the comments. Alternatives abound.

The world is full of mayhem. It’s also full of kindness, and compassion. Thankfully we have our writing instruments of choice to chronicle our world, fictionalize it, escape from it, or perhaps try to transform it.

August Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper is here!

My favorite posts came from both familiar and new faces—at least to the Carnival scene!

The Carnival continues to be a great way to meet new bloggers and read about different tools people are using. A Penchant for Paper will be the September Carnival host. You can check out more about the Carnival here… maybe even drop Nifty (the founder of this Carnival) a note if you want to host! Continue to submit to any upcoming Carnival by filling out the form.

Thank you to Nifty at Notebook Stories for bringing us the Carnival and to all the wonderful bloggers who participated in the August Carnival!

Brief Tale from a Vandal Whiteboard User

My film slate is a masonite economy thing which gets used with some frequency. When I got this slate it came with a notice to use a particular DRY erase marker.

Last summer white shooting a tiny film, my sound person (aka my Beloved) discovered the dry erase marker was DRY. Dead. Dry. The only alternative we had on us was a wet-erase marker. We used it and kept the shoot on schedule.

Many folks are worried about “what kind of whiteboard” they should use with Noodler’s Waterase. As I’ve written before, I use an acrylic sheet custom cut for my purposes. So I cannot say with any authority what kind of whiteboard you should use.

I did want to note for you, though, that the slate pictured below worked very well with Waterase. In the photo below, any imperfections you see in the “wiped clean” slate were not in any way caused by Waterase.

On my custom acrylic board, I’ve left notes up for days and days, adding more notes of course as I live along. Still no ghosting issues here. The masonite slate, however, gets wiped clean after filming. We learned the hard way last summer not to leave the board marked up for days at a time—both dry or wet markers. So for cheap-y whiteboards do a test in a far corner you don’t normally use for notes. That’s the only way you’re gonna know with any certainty what will work for you.

I love this stuff.  As someone who employed four different colors previously, my note taking has adjusted to the two available Waterase colors far more easily than I imagined I would.

Don’t forget you need a damp cloth or a cloth alongside a spritz bottle of water in order to clean Waterase off your boards.

Feel free to chime in about the whiteboards you’ve found that are working for your Waterase, eh?

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Tale of a Vandal Whiteboard User: It Came Thru the Crack

As the day progressed and continuing to lay the pens on the shelf near my whiteboard…one of the pens began leaking again. It turns out there is a hairline crack in both pens! The silicone grease is keeping one pen from leaking but not the other.  Replacement Preppys are on their way. (Thank you, Rachel Goulet! It always pays to do business with good service oriented folks.)

Yet something else to be aware of. Jeez Louise.

Do not be deterred from Noodler’s Waterase or Platinum Preppy pens. I’m not.

Nobody not nuttin’ is poifect! Not moi. Not Preppys. Not no one!

Be a good customer and do business with good people. That’s my philosophy. Works for moi.

Updated to include:  Platinum Preppys will crack if you over-tighten!

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Tale of a Vandal Whiteboard User: Apply a Little Grease

The modified Platinum Preppy that comes with Noodler’s Waterase is equipped with an o-ring to prevent leaking of ink at the section. Pens converted to fill as “eyedropper pens” need an o-ring and/or silicon grease applied to the section. Usually I do not add silicone grease when an o-ring is in place. You may want apply some grease to your Waterase pens.

Platinum Preppy filled with Noodler's Waterase post silicone grease application

This morning I found that my two Waterase pens were leaking at the section. I store my pens nib up in a cup. This morning I left them laying flat as I was “up and down” from my desk to the whiteboard making a ton of  notes.

Perhaps I had over-enthusiastically tightened the nib section to the barrel over-stressing the o-ring? With my non-Preppy eyedropper pens I don’t use an o-ring…only silicone grease. The Waterase modified Preppy comes with the o-ring which in theory should be enough to hold back the tide, er… ink. My highlighter eyedropper pen has never leaked with just an o-ring in place.

Anyhoo, I applied some silicone grease to the section thread and also left  o-ring in place. All is well again. No leaking. Left them laying flat, too.

Silicone grease is more readily available to fountain pen eyedropper enthusiasts than it was even a year ago. Goulet Pens, Pendemonium, Writer’s Bloc, Richards Pens among others carry it. If you are buying Waterase for the first time, it wouldn’t hurt to add $2-$3 to your order for some silicone grease!

The caution about silicone grease, for those of you unfamiliar with it:  use pure silicone grease with no additives. I found mine at Lowe’s in the plumber’s section. You can trust, however, that the fountain pen retailers listed above carry the real deal.

I will say that, uh, Waterase wiped clean off of every place it left a trail. Helps to have lots wood surfaces and no carpet! My fingers, however, need some serious InkNix-ing.

My original review Noodler’s Waterase Ink is here.

Yes, Virginia, there is more Noodler’s Waterase Ink Coming!

Rachel Goulet kindly wrote me that Mr. Tardiff has made another batch of this ink. She and Brian are expecting their shipment to hit Virginia sometime next week. The shipment contains 35 bottles of each color (black and blue). Not all 70 bottles will be available for sale as the Goulets will hold some back for samples.

Rachel also wrote that GouletPens will carry Noodler’s Waterase Ink yet they will not be the exclusive seller of it. If you want to know when the ink will be available from GouletPens, sign up for email notification at GouletPens. You do that by adding the color of the ink you want to a “wish list.” It is a pretty efficient system the Goulets have going.

The colors are blue and black. The bottles are 4.5 oz. A modified Platinum Preppy highlighter style pen comes with each bottle.

For reference:  my original post about Waterase Ink. Drop a comment and let me know what you think of this wet-erase ink after you use it.

Thank you, Nathan Tardiff! And thank you to Brian and Rachel Goulet for helping to get more Waterase Ink to the market! I hope it becomes a staple for folks. I’m a big fan of the ink and the reusable wet-erase marker concept. I’ve been using it nearly every day since I bought my first two bottles.

Trust me, I get no kick-back from anybody by pushing this ink or GouletPens for selling it. My last post about Waterase Ink generated a lot of interest and I felt I had to pass the word along that more Waterase Ink will be available.

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