Some Pen Weights

I like small, lightweight fountain pens. The pens listed have been weighed on a digital postal scale. The scale rounds up or down to the nearest gram. (Your pen’s weight may vary slightly.) While I write with my pens unposted, the posted weight is listed for those of you who may be interested in that information. These pens do not represent my collection. (It is here.) They have all been weighed on my scale.

For information about where to find pen measurements click here.

If you need to convert grams to ounces, try this converter here.

Some of my thoughts about ink capacity. has a nice list of vintage pen ink capacities.

c/c = cartridge converter; cf = crescent filler; ED = eyedropper; lf = lever filler; PIF = piston. For c/c pens weight includes converter not cartridge. Average international converter weight between 2-3 grams. Generally, any ED pens on the list below are converted from c/c. Weights for pens listed as “c/c or ED” indicates the weight is the same using either method (the ED will hold more ink, however).

Brand Model Posted/ Capped
Aurora Optima Mini Burgundy (PIF) 17g 11g
Bexley BX802 (c/c) 19g 11g
Submariner (c/c) 18g 12g
Sheherazade (PIF) 23g 14g
Simplicity (c/c) 21g 12g
Conklin Acrylic Crescent (cf) 28g 17g
BCHR Crescent 25p (cf) 12g 7g
Danitrio Cumlaude (large c/c; no metal section) 27g 17g
Cumlaude (small c/c; no metal section) 18g 11g
Cumlaude (small c/c; with metal section) 22g 15g
Densho aka-tamenuri w/clip (Japanese ED) 34g 20g
Short Octagon (c/c or ED)** 29g 20g
Edison Beaumont (c/c) 17g 11g
Glenmont acrylic (c/c or ED) 23g 14g
Huron acrylic clipless (c/c or ED) 23g 15g
Huron acrylic w/clip (bulb filler) 24g 14g
Mina standard (c/c or ED)** 21g 15g
Mina extended (c/c or ED)** 23g 16g
Menlo (c/c or ED) 21g 14g
Menlo (pump-filler) g g
Pearl acrylic w/clip (c/c or ED)** 24g 16g
Pearlette celluloid w/clip (c/c or ED)** 19g 12g
Pearlette acrylic w/clip (c/c or ED)** 17g 11g
Esterbrook SJ (lf) 13g 9g
Franklin-Christoph 65 Stabilis acrylic (c/c or ED) 17g 14g
Kaweco Sport (1940’s PIF) 12g 8g
Levenger True Writer (Gold. Tort. c/c) 24g 13g
Montblanc 342g (PIF) 16g 11g
Monteverde Artista (c/c) 27g 17g
Nakaya Piccolo Cigar (c/c) 21g 16g
Naka-Ai with clip (c/c) 27g 18g
Namiki & Pilot Bamboo (c/c) Con-70 35g 21g
Custom Heritage 823 (plunger) 31g 21g
Custom Heritage 91 (c/c) Con-70 23g 15g
Custom Heritage 92 PIF 21g 13g
Custom Heritage 98 (c/c) Con-50 16g 10g
Decimo metal (c/c) Con-50 ** 21g n/a
Falcon Resin (c/c) Con-50 19g 10g
Fermo (c/c) Con-50 35g n/a
Justus 95 (c/c) Con-70 28g 19g
M90 metal (c/c) Con-20 27g 18g
Murex metal (c/c) Con-20 22g 15g
MYU701 metal (c/c) Con-20 21g 14g
Namiki Sterling (c/c) Con-50 33g 20g
Vanishing Point metal (c/c)** 32g n/a
Pilot CON-70 weighs 4g
Noodler’s Ahab (w/bailing filler) 21g 14g
Ahab (as ED) 22g 15g
Ahab’s bailing filler weighs 2g
Omas Extra 620 (PIF) 13g 9g
Extra Jr. (PIF) 14g 8g
Pelikan 400 (1950’s) (PIF) 18g 12g
200 (2000’s) (PIF) 15g 11g
150 (2000’s) (PIF) 13g 9g
Platinum 500 (c/c) 20g 13g
3776 Celluloid (c/c) 25g 14g
3776 acrylic music nib (c/c)++ 20g 11g
3776 acrylic flat-top (1980’s) (c/c) 24g 15g
Kanazawa-Haku (c/c) 21g 14g
Preppy (c/c) 13g 9g
Platinum converter weighs 4g
Platinum cartridge weighs 2g
Reform 1745 (PIF) 10g 7g
Sailor Realo (PIF) 22g 12g
Desk Pen —Recycled material (c/c)** 8g 7g
Magellan acrylic (c/c) 22g 13g
Sheaffer Balance (standard – lf) 16g 9g
Balance Streamlined (vacuum-filler) 16g 11g
Balance II (c/c) 22g 16g
Tuckaway (vacuum-filler) 14g 9g
WASP Addipoint (lf) 14g 9g
Stipula 22 (original) (PIF) 21g 12g
TWSBI Diamond 540 (PIF) 29g 15g
TWSBI 530 (PIF) 26g 14g
Visconti Ragtime (PIF) 20g 12g
Caravel (PIF) 20g 12g
Accademia Italiana (PIF) 20g 12g
Ragtime II (PIF) 20g 12g
Ragtime III (PIF) 18g 10g
Ragtime LE 20th (PIF) 29g 20g
Pontevecchio LE (c/c) 25g 12g
Viscontina (plunger) 16g 9g
Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Standard (lf) 16g 9g
Skyline Demi (gf cap – lf) 16g 9g
Signature (lf) 16g 9g
Oxford (early model) (lf) 16g 10g
Oxford (later model) (lf) 14g 9g
Oxford (twist-filler) 15g 9g
Ringtop (Jade) (lf) 10g 6g

**Pen cannot be posted.
++Pen weighed with ink cartridge not converter
Last Update July 09, 2014